Františkovy Lázně

World famous spa, a part of the Spa triangle in the western Czech Republic were founded thanks to the initiative of a Cheb citizen and city doctor dr. Bernhard Adler according to the plans by abbe Gruber, doctor from Bílina.

The approval of construction plans in the year 1793 by decree of the austrian emperor Francis I., whos it bears, is considered as the founding date of the Lázně.

The city was built with planning in mind. The outcome is a unique architectonic and urbanistic complex, that is being supplemented by parks and forestparks on the area of 200 hectares. Františkovy Lázně are a city conservation area as well as an oasis of peace and quiet that invites you to relax.

Františkovy Lázně lie at 440m above sea level and have minor climate.

Springs from Františkovy Lázně

  • are among the natural mineral water springs
  • the healing effects of the local springs are known from the 15. century
  • the temperature of the water is between 8 and 13°C
  • mineral water is used for drinking, baths and for the preparation of mud wraps

Spring names

  • Francis (Františkův) – for asthenia, convalescence and indigestion
  • Luisin – for baths
  • Studený – for baths
  • Cartellieri – for loss of appetite and stomach problems, for baths
  • Železnatý – for anemia and convalescence
  • Solný – for catarrh of the upper respiratory system, inhalation and gargling
  • Luční – for gallbladder disease and drinking cures
  • Nový – for anemia, after operations and convalescence
  • Štěpánka – for baths
  • Žofie – for diseases of the urinary bladder and kidneys (not for drinking treatment now)
  • Natálie – for convalescence, has a nice and refreshing taste
  • Palliardi – for loss of appetite and stomach catarrhs
  • Adler – for baths
  • Glauberovy prameny (springs) – for gynecological diseases, very high concentration of salt
  • Sluneční – during the curing of the digestive system
  • Stanislav – for drinking cures and baths
  • Kostelní – for baths

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Points of interest in the hotels vicinity

SOOS rezervation
Vast peat bogs and fens, where a large number of mineral water springs and clean carbon dioxide bubbles out in so-called moffetes.
In the present time the dried up lake creates a “moon-like” landscape furrowed by erosion and covered by a layer of mineral salts of yellow and white color.
We will find here a european rarity – diatomaceous shield – gathered diatomaceous earth from repositories of lacustrine diatom algae.
Only a small part of the reservation is available, a 1.2 km long nature trail with describing signs and notes. There is a geopark, a museum of “Nature of Cheb” and “Nature of SOOS” pavilion with the exhibition “History of the Earth”, dedicated to paleontology, as well as exposure “Bird World of Cheb” and deer park.

Castle Seeberg
The original romanic castle from the 12. century, that became the property of the Czech crown. Current exposition presents the furniture developement in the 19. century as well as the history of porcelain and current production of coorporation Karlovarský porcelán.

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