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This is the motto of our spa hotel. Our goal is to provide every guest with the best for his health, body and mind. Therefore, we place great emphasis on providing quality and unique care in spa and wellness services. The professional staff of the balneocenter offers a variety of classic and modern procedures for your treatment and relaxation.

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As a certified non-state health care facility, we use local natural healing resources based on the permission of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic: Mineral water - we use the mineral spring of Štěpánka for carbonated baths Peat from local deposits - for wraps Healing gas - For muscle relaxation, pain relief and improved tissue nutrition, we use 100% medical CO2 that is stitched under the skin


Classic Massage (partial)approx. 15 min10€
Classic Massage (whole body)approx. 50 min42€
Underwater Massageapprox. 15 min10€
Reflex Massage (back)approx. 20 min15€
Reflex Foot Massageapprox. 25 min16€
Head Massage ( for Migrane Relieve)approx. 25 min16€
Aromamassage (partial)approx. 20 min15€
Hot Stone Massage (partial)approx. 25 min27€
Hot Stone Massage (whole body)approx. 60 min46€
Shiatsu Massageapprox. 60 min42€
Cupping Therapyapprox. 45 min19€
Indian Head Massageapprox. 30 min16€
Relaxing Facial Massageapprox. 30 min16€
Lomi-Lomi Massage (partial)approx. 30 min 23€
Thai oil Massageapprox. 60 min 46€
Group Gymnasticsapprox. 25 min11€
Individual Gymnasticsapprox. 25 min15€
Thaichi-Cchi kung11€
MTT – Medical Training Therapyapprox. 20-30 min36€
Carbon Dioxide Bathapprox. 15 min11€
Pearl Bathapprox. 15 min11€
Whirlpool Bathapprox. 15 min11€
Aromatic Bathapprox. 15 min15€
Biolamp Therapyapprox. 15 min7€
Pneumo Puncture (Gas Injections)7€
Carbon Dioxide Wrapapprox. 15 min9€
Electrotherapyapprox. 5-10 min9€
Magnetotherapyapprox. 30 min9€
Medical Lymph Drainage (instrumental)approx. 30 min9€
Parafango Wrap (partial)approx. 15 min9€
Peat pack (partial)approx. 15 min13€
Inhalationapprox. 15 min7€
Paraffin Hand Glovesapprox. 15 min7€
Healing Ultrasound Therapyapprox. 5-10 min9€
Oxygen Therapyapprox. 60 min9€

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