Medical Center for a Healthier Back Pyramid - EXCLUSIVE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Under the auspices of a world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Copper. Floriana M. Alfena.

What is Medical Training Therapy?

Diseases and limiting the function of the spine and its muscles today are one of the most common health problems. Almost everyone has suffered from back pain, accompanied by a decrease in quality of life.

Medical training therapy is a method of physical-preventive, curative and postoperative medicine. The goal of this therapy is to strengthen the deep autochthonous back muscles that lead to long-term removal of back pain. The success of therapy always lies in the perfect knowledge of the problem. We now know that behind chronic back pain is in most cases the weakened autochthonous back musculature (M.erector spinae), respectively. deep back muscles (M.semispinalis, M.multifidus). This muscle is primarily responsible for proper hold and stability of the spine. For this reason, the use of MTT therapy is the right step. With MTT, a special and targeted enhancement of atrophied muscles, approximately 80% of patients can achieve complete removal of back and spine pain. Also, patients with chronic back pain who are already resistant to other treatments and treatments can lead to an active life without pain limitation.

Targeted strengthening of atrophied muscles can be achieved by deploying two specially developed training devices (ILE and ICE) that allow for a special “fixation” to train the muscles themselves. In addition, additional training on the instruments is carried out to simultaneously strengthen the surface muscles and thus prevent muscle imbalances.

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Each patient is accompanied by a “personal” therapist during the diagnosis and exercise.

Although it is possible to undergo treatment in our Medical Center for a healthier back Pyramid outpatient, we recommend combining MTT with a spa treatment and treatment program to maximize the effect of therapy.

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Benefits of therapy

Restore the function of the spinal muscles

Targeted strengthening helps prevent degenerative processes on the spine

Long-term relief of backache – you can prevent spinal surgery

Curative stays full of relaxation at great prices

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